Why International Courier Services are Better Compared With Government Postal

The fastest way of communication in today’s date is definitely through digital media. People make video calls through computer based software and video messengers, etc. And then send emails and important documents via emails. Calling is definitely there, and digital and video calls can be done through so many systems. Besides, the rates of international calls have also gone down over the last decade, thus making calling also a lucrative and cheap option for communication over the borders. However, one thing will still never be outweighed and cannot be abolished with time, and that is the need for sending couriers and parcels across countries. This has given room to the development of international courier giants, who are now working as important cross country communication mediums.

The importance of courier services

There is immense importance of international couriers. Without the presence of these highly dedicated companies who are catering to your needs every day, there would have been complete pandemonium over sending and receiving of important letters and parcels, books and documents, etc. through countries.

The extremely fluid services have made life easier. You just choose the rate, and the place, hand over a properly packed parcel to the company, and your courier is delivered within 3 days. That is how normally the international courier services operate.

Moreover, the feature of instant tracking which gets possible due to the status getting instantly updated on the service provider’s website makes the service all the more lucrative and friendly. You can always keep track of your parcel when you are sending it through some reputed courier service.

The advantage of international couriers over government postal service

There are definitely government operated postal services in every country, where the rates of sending letters and parcels are competitively lower than other private courier services. Yet people have stopped relying blindly on the government services due to certain incidents and reasons, which every international mailing party may have suffered over the course of time.

·        The government tracking system may not get you accurate and instant updates all the time.

·        You may not get the post delivered on time as anticipated or promised

·        There may be other incidents of a lost parcel, and you may face a lot of difficulties tracking the loss even, and finally claim the insurance. Even if you do so there is a lot of hassle in claiming the insurance and getting it.

·        The handling in government posts does not ensure that your parcel will get delivered in one piece and safe, and therefore, you may have to both wait for days and again get a parcel which may be torn or de-shaped or damp, etc. partially.

These are some of the very bothersome reasons, which have made many frequent mailers around the world choose international courier services over the government postal services. If you want to try an international carrier next time, try the rates of the services in your area and compare. You may also ask and collect public feedback or check the Internet. It’s time you switch to an advanced level of service supported by great manpower and IT systems.