Tuskan: An innovative option to the regular silage Bale Spike!

The Round silage bale spike is a crucial part of the routine farming equipment used by any farmer. After all, it is this silage collected before the winter that becomes food for the farm cattle during the cold months. There are many types of farming equipment similar to the round silage bale spike that can be used to collect as well as transport silage. The usage of these equipment is generally dependent on the bale of silage that you are planning to move. For example, in some seasons you may experience a bumper crop and therefore prefer a heavy duty silage spike as compared to other times during the year. Usually, the most preferred option for commercial silage collection is the round silage bale spike.

round silage bale spike

The need for something new

If farmers always had the old bale spike to rely on then why did the need for something new arise? Well, the answer to this question is simple. The bale spike is a far from durable option. Even whilst transporting the silage, the chances of damaging the harvest are always high for farmers who are using the regular bale spike. Also, the farmers taking the silage to the tub feed mixers are highly prone to accidents and mishaps while precariously trying to manage the hay and silage bale spike. Given this situation, the need for something new and far more efficient is loud and clear.

Addressing the need!

The Wallace family was amongst the first few to identify this need and take up the challenge of fulfilling it. Their passion to offer an innovative solution led to the creation of Tuskan, a hydraulic power based silage bale spike. The perfect answer to the worries of several farmers, this equipment holds the ability to make jobs easier and better in a completely cost effective manner.

Here are the advantages of using this innovative bale spike as opposed to your regular options when it comes to silage collection:

It is a future proof design

Unlike the square bale fork and other variants, the new model by Tuskan is built with a fair bit of importance being given to future proofing the design. In simple terms this means that the makers have invested the time and effort to come with a latest model that will not require updates at regular intervals. In fact, if you are willing to invest the time to care, chances are that this bale spike will last for generations to come.

Hydraulic Powered

Contrary to the manually operated silage clamp or the round bale grab that have been used on the farm for ages, the all new Tuskan equipment is powered through the hydraulic process. This reduces the manpower and effort involved when it comes to transporting silage from one place to another.

Easy to load as well as carry!

We have already told you about Tuskan using Hydraulics to perform its routine operations. What’s more is that this also simplifies the task of the farmer. Yes! With Hydraulic powered forklift attachments it becomes really easy to load the silage into the feed mixer. Also, you can transport round or square bales of any size or weight depending on your convenience thanks to this equipment.

Moving the bales at the right time and in the right way is an integral part of the farming routine. Using the Tuskan equipment, farmers can accomplish this task with ease as well as perfection!

For more details, please visit our website http://tuskan.com/silage-bale-spike/