Platinum is the first choice for an engagement ring!

The engagement ring is a prized possession for any couple. It is a ring that symbolizes the love of the marrying couple. It is for this reason that couples always prefer engagement rings made of superior quality material like gold or platinum. Among the various types of rings, platinum engagement rings are known to be expensive. At the same time they are known for their stunning designs and elegance.

Purpose of an engagement ring:

The engagement ring the couple wears should reflect the personality of their better half. The ring the bride wears should reflect the personality not just of herself, but also of the groom. Similarly, the groom’s engagement ring should reflect the personality of the bride. It is for this reason the rings are exchanged by the couple during the engagement ceremonies.

Symbolizes the promise of marriage:

The engagement rings are considered to be a promise of the marriage made between the marrying couple. It is also a symbol that the girl is engaged and is in love with someone else. In order to highlight these feelings, the couple prefers platinum engagement rings or rings made of other metals like gold.

Now the question comes, why couples prefer engagement rings made of expensive metals like platinum and gold. The reason for such a choice and other related issues are briefly explained here:

· Basically, wearing an engagement ring is attributed to the tradition prevailing in many of the western countries. The ring symbolizes the acceptance of the proposal of the marriage between the couple. The ring is worn either on the left or right second last finger also called as the ring finger, depending on the custom and usage. It is on the same finger that wedding ring is placed.

· The choice of platinum engagement rings is mainly because of their stunning elegance. Further, platinum is more durable than gold or any other metal. At the same time, platinum is a heavy metal as compared to gold and silver. Similar to gold, platinum is graded based on its purity like for example PT 950, PT 999 and so on.

· Platinum will not cause any kind of skin allergy. In some cases, some of the manufacturers alloy platinum with other similar metals like iridium. Even in such cases, the alloy of platinum and iridium will not result in any kind of side effects on the skin.

· Some of the manufacturers of engagement rings bring elegant platinum rings studded with diamonds, sapphire or such other precious stones. Such engagement rings are very popular among women. Further, you may browse and choose an engagement ring of your choice. The manufacturers would make the ring as per your specific need.

· Like any other metal, over a period of time platinum also loses its shine. In such cases, you may contact your jeweler and he will remove the stains, clean and polish the platinum and with that the metal regains its shine.


Platinum is much tensile and malleable as compared to gold. Further, platinum is also known for its unique shine. All these make platinum as one of the most preferred metals in the realm of jewelry industry.