Deciding On Whether to Cremate or Bury a Body

The decision on how you would want your body or that of a loved one to be treated after death is quite challenging. There are many decisions made concerning a funeral and among the most difficult decisions is the choice between cremation and burial.  When making this choice you have to be informed about the implications that each choice may have. The greater part of the Perth funerals held today, record a high number of burials than cremations.  This tendency is mainly because of the religious inclinations of the society and other factors that the families consider. Here are the main considerations that you need to make when making the choice between cremating and burying a body:

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•    Religious beliefs

The religion of an individual dictates how the body is to be treated after they pass on.  Hindus and Buddhists require that the body be cremated while religions such as of the Jewish frown on the practice. Christians, on the other hand, have different perceptions about cremation with majority accepting the practice while a few forbid the cremation of their followers. Subsequently, you should ensure that you consider the religion of the individual who has passed on when choosing the way to treat their body after death.

•    Finances available

There is a significant difference in the cost associated with burials andcremations in Perth. Cremation is more affordable than burying of a body because you do not require a casket or a cemetery plot. However, burial requires that you purchase a casket, pay for a cemetery plot and also pay for the markings made on the grave. If you have limited resources, it is more affordable to choose cremation rather than burial.

•    Simplicity of the process

When you have limited time and resources, cremation may be the best way to handle your loved one’s body.  Planning for funerals in Perthrequires that you allocate adequate time for you to find the right funeral home and plan for the service. Subsequently, it is important to consider the time that is available and the time taken by each of the practices.

•    Respect and viewing of the body

 The main reason that people avoid cremating their loved one’s body is that they feel it is disrespectful. Viewing of the body is also a factor considered by many.  When the ashes of a loved one are scattered, they lack a place where they can go to visit their loved ones. However, when holding Perth funerals, some funeral homes provide their clients with the options to bury the ashes. Subsequently, when you choose the right funeral home, you are advised and given the option of either scattering or burying the ashes of your loved one.

•    Environmental concerns

Environmentalists and people who have a concern about the environment find cremating the body preferable. This is because it will reduce deforestation since the majority of the coffins are wooden.

When choosing the right way to send off your loved one, you must consider the beliefs and preferences of the individual who has passed on.  Make sure that you factor in their religious beliefs, their view of the environment and how they would have preferred their bodies to be treated after death. The majority of the Perth funerals have shown that more people prefer burying their loved ones, but the inclination to cremation is also rising. The article highlights the various issues that you should consider before making the choice to cremate or bury a loved one.