A New Kind of Entrepreneur: Expat Online Entrepreneurs in Cambodia

Are you a nomadic capitalist? Do you dream of bootstrapping a global internet company from the comfort and safety of a calm, slow-paced life in an idyllic South Eastern Asian nation? There is a new kind of global entrepreneur straddling the shores of Asia – the nomadic internet entrepreneur. And Cambodia offers one of the best destinations to bootstrap your internet business without worrying about too many startup costs or stifling visa rules. Thanks to its reputation as a safe and welcoming haven, the country has also attracted a fairly large expat community in the recent past so there are lots of talent going around in this country. If you have good ideas along with determination to achieve them, it is very easy to be the coolest guy Cambodia has, and position yourself centrally to drive the country’s internet commerce and innovation. coolest guy SEO

There are many reasons why Cambodia is such an attractive destination for self-sponsored online entrepreneurs. Unlike other countries in South East Asia such as Thailand, the kingdom has fairly lax laws with regards to the securing visas and work permits for entrepreneurs. Many love the beaches here which offer a calm refuge from the pressure-cooker environment of online commerce. Additionally, in the recent years, the speed of the broadband connections has improved a bit and it is now easy to run a mid-level e-business here without too many hitches.

The best thing about Cambodia is that you are able to get a quality of life here that many would only dream of elsewhere and at a very low budget. So even if your business is still struggling on the revenue front, you can still be Cambodia coolest guy and rock it which relieves the pressure when you are painfully building your online business.

These advantages did not go unnoticed by our coolest guy Cambodia entrepreneur, Kris Reid. A Brisbane native with a degree in software engineering from the prestigious Queensland University of Technology, Kris’ first interest was in the development of online games which he did while backpacking around the world. But every game developer is always confronted by a singular dilemma: how to get users onboard. This dilemma steered Kris to internet marketing which turned out to be a rather lucrative niche. He built his internet marketing company, Ardor Media Factory, in Davao City in the Philippines.

The company revolutionized the web marketing scene in the Philippines. It has a large team of employees and specializes in various aspects of internet marketing such as content writing, content marketing, website design, link building, keyword research and search engine ranking. Its reputation for quality and white hat techniques has seen it take many online businesses in Asia and around the world to top rankings and online success. As a result, these businesses have been able to zone in on their niches and increase their sales exponentially. It is a market dominating marketing strategy that many businesses have been quite happy to sign on to.

The nomadic capitalist that he is, Kris has since shifted his attention from the serene beach-side city of Davao City to Cambodia. Here the new coolest guy Cambodia expat is enjoying the freedom of this off-the-beaten track destination while taking Ardor Media Factory to new business frontiers. This is all it takes to be the coolest guy in Cambodia. Have an idea that works, a good business sense along with the determination to see these through. Everything else, along with great beauty and calming working environment simply falls into place.  https://www.ardormediafactory.com/the-coolest-guy-in-cambodia